Jamie Robinson’s Snugg Homes Story…

I couldn’t praise and thank them enough for the help they’ve given us to get here.

– Jamie, 46, Formby.

Jamie and his family are in love with their new home at Pinewood Park.

This is their Snugg Homes story…

I’m 46, married to my wife, and we have two girls – one 4 and the other just turned 18. We lived in a 2 bedroom flat in Formby before we moved to our amazing new house on Pinewood Park, Formby.

We needed a lot more space for our 4-year-old and just turned 18-year-old daughters and had been keen to move into a house for a long time. I also work from home quite often, so to say we were in need of space is a slight understatement.

We have family ties to Formby, as my wife is Formby born and bred, her family all live here, and both girls go to nursery/school and work in the area. Both my wife and I work locally, so the last thing we wanted to do was move to another area.

We were desperate to move, to be honest. We had been looking to move for a long time, given our circumstances outlined above. 

We had driven past the sign on the front of the development and walked into the site office to ask about any schemes. 

The flexibility of Shared Ownership, and to be quite honest Snugg Homes made us feel very safe when we spoke to them about it. Snugg Homes pretty much held our hand at the start of the process, and throughout.

Our lives are now unbelievably different. We’re all so much more relaxed about the world, and particularly proud and ecstatic about our new house. We’ve got an amazing house, with lots of space, and our girls love it. The location is ideal for us and to say we’re on cloud nine is an absolute understatement.

Now, we’ve got space, the house is incredibly warm, and we spend every day feeling as though we’re waking up in the middle of a luxury holiday. We’ve got everything we could have wished for.

We love the house. The location is ideal, the houses are all amazing to look at, and we’ve already joined a Whatsapp and Facebook group which has been developed for the residents to join up to in order to find out what’s going on around us. I particularly like the path onto the bypass as it’s ideal for running, and the location is ideal for our girls.

The Snugg Homes service was brilliant. Karen and the team have held our and from the off. Karen and the team have always answered my queries and questions whenever I’ve had them – even if they were daft in retrospect. I couldn’t praise and thank them enough for the help they’ve given us to get here.

Kind regards