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Lorraine Hargreaves – Snugg Story

“My experience with Snugg Homes has been second to none, It’s been a pleasure speaking to each and everyone of the Snugg team” – Lorraine Hargreaves, 58, Preston 

Lorraine is a self employed barber with 3 children and 5 granddaughters and had been living in a property in Darwen for 29 years – but knew that it was time for a change.
This is Lorraine’s Snugg story.

“One of the driving reasons for me to move house was to down-size. The house that I was living in was far too big and it needed a lot of maintenance.  So I started looking for my perfect property.

After a lot of research online  – about Shared Ownership and looking for my perfect home, I found exactly what I needed; a Snugg Homes 2 bedroom, semi-detached bungalow in Preston, that I loved.

The house is brilliant, it’s small and really nicely built which is ideal for me. The development is very big but kept very clean, tidy and modern and the gardens and lawns are well maintained; they look just lovely.  All of the houses on the development look different and have their own personality. My home is in a quiet cul-de-sac which I really love.

The area is amazing and beautiful, so it’s all worth while. The house is also much more cost effective and easier to manage.”

Lorraine also had some lovely comments about the Snugg team!

“My experience has been second to none. My dealings with Samantha Bilsbury over emails and phone calls has been amazing, she gets back ASAP. All of the other Snugg team members have also been great at getting back to me too. It’s been a pleasure speaking to each and every one of them!”

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