Help to Buy

Help to Buy schemes are run by the government. They are designed to make it more affordable for people to own their own homes.

Help to Buy: Shared Ownership offers those who can’t afford to buy a home through a traditional mortgagethe opportunity to buy a share of it. This can be between 25%-75% of the home’s value.  

You will pay rent on the percentage of the property that you do not own. The amount of rent paid is agreed and fixed at the outset, and there is a maximum amount by which it can increase each year. 

The more of the property you own, the lower your rental payments will be.  

Over time you can purchase more shares in your property – this is known as ‘staircasing’.  This can be done at any time after initial purchase and it will reduce the amount of rent you pay as the share of the home that you do not own will have got smaller. 

You can buy a shared ownership home by taking out a mortgage and using your savings.  Any deposit you pay will be smaller than if buying outright as you will not be purchasing the whole of the home.

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