Katy Sneyd’s Snugg Homes Story…

“Snugg Homes have been great, they’ve allowed us to stay in an area we love whilst providing a beautiful home for our children.” – Katy Sneyd, 38, Northwich.

Katy and her husband have recently purchased a 3 bedroom property on Dane View.

This is Katy’s Snugg Homes story

“Hi, I’m Katy, I’m 38 and a project manager for Wigan Council; my husband is also 38 and a joiner.

Before the move we were living in a 3 bedroom apartment in Rudheath, but 3 children and a dog later – and we’d outgrown the property.

We looked into Shared Ownership and discovered that we could afford a larger property but with a smaller deposit. Having 3 children meant that prior to this, we were never quite able to save a big enough deposit to buy a big enough house outright.

Life has changed massively since moving! All of my children now have their own space, which means less rows between the kids. Having a garden and outdoor space is brilliant and we can’t wait for the summer to enjoy it.

We’ve also added a new puppy to our family!

Snugg Homes have been great, especially when we had issues with our solicitor holding things up. Snugg Homes have allowed us to stay in an area we love, whilst providing a beautiful home for our children.

We are very grateful for the scheme and the life that it is allowing us to live. We are just waiting for lock-down to end so we can show off our new home to family and friends.”

Katy x