Beth Kelly’s Snugg Homes Story…

– Beth Kelly, 25, Nottingham

Beth and her fiancé Sam were full of praise for the Snugg Homes team after purchasing their new home at Park View (previously known as Chase Farm) in Gedling.

This is their Snugg Homes story…

“My fiancé and I had moved out of our parents houses to live in a new build rental property in Mansfield, Nottingham. It never quite felt like home and so we were keen to purchase a place that we could really call our own. Having recently got engaged, we wanted to find somewhere that we could settle into for the foreseeable future.

We had spent a lot of money renting, and we were struggling to save enough money for the deposit on a house with a traditional mortgage, so we started looking at alternative schemes and found out about Shared Ownership.

There are lots of Shared Ownership homes being built around in Nottingham, so we decided to apply for a property on the Park View (previously known as Chase Farm) development in Gedling.

We have settled in so quickly since moving; it has felt like home since the day we moved in. We are now closer to family and we’ve never been happier.

The house is lovely, and despite some teething issues with cracks and cupboards, the house is beautiful and the development feels very safe.

Snugg Homes were just amazing. I’ve recommended a friend to use Snugg to purchase a home on the same development because their service was so excellent.”

Kind Regards