Katie’s Snugg Homes Story…

“Sam in particular was very supportive and helpful from start to finish.”

– Katie, 26

Katie is loving her independence after purchasing her new 3 bedroom semi-detached home.

This is her Snugg Homes story…

“I am 26 years old, currently living on my own with my little dog and prior to this I was living with my parents.

I started to look for a home to purchase, but was struggling as a lot of the properties on the market at the time were older houses that needed a lot of renovation work. The mortgage rates were fairly high as well.

I had previously owned a new build property and sold it earlier in the year, so I decided to use the funds to help me put down a good deposit.

I had known about Shared Ownership for a while and I initially looked into this in March 2022. As I was looking to purchase the property on my own and with one household income, the scheme was the only way I was able to afford a new build home.

I have become much more independent since moving out; I love the house and can see myself becoming very settled here.

My Snugg Homes experience was great. Sam in particular was very supportive and helpful from start to finish. She was always on hand for any questions I had. Everybody else was great and really helpful as well. I had such a great journey with Snugg Homes and would recommend Shared Ownership to anyone my age and in a similar position.’’

Katie x