“Hi, my name is Stephen, I’m 24 and I’m a Marketing Assistant at Snugg Homes.”

A typical day…

“My morning starts with checking the Snugg sales spreadsheet to see which homes have gone under offer, been reserved or sold.

I then update our various marketing websites – including Property Booking and Help To Buy – and our social media channels.

I check my emails, flag those that require responses and then prioritise any that include new information about our developments – so that I can help keep all of our marketing platforms up to date.

The next part of my day involves contacting purchasers to ask about their experience when buying a property with Snugg Homes. Using all the positive feedback, I’ll add each story to the website, then post it on all social media platforms.

A large part of my role is to manage the @SnuggHomes social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I’ll post about our existing and upcoming developments, video tours, testimonials, Day in The Lives and Shared Ownership/Help To Buy information. I’ll also respond to any messages and feedback being sent in.

Another aspect to my job involves helping to design and update our development brochures using Adobe InDesign. This entails creating and sourcing images, editing text, researching locations and formatting pages.

I really enjoy my role, it gives me chance to use my creative skills and marketing knowledge to showcase our fantastic properties!”

Stephen x